"A unique strapless bra with invisible support for the moments that matter the most..."

Brassybra® is a disposable adhesive breast tape. Forget what you tried before and stop searching for that perfect solution, because you just found it! I'm guessing you are like me and tried other products on the market and is not satisfied what you gotten for your money. Either they don't fit or they wont stay on, Don't worry I have a solution for you!Brassybra® is carefully designed and manufactured to work with your body using our Second Skin Technology™.

Hi! My name is Katherina, or Kat for short and would like to tell you about how Brassybra® came in to existence. About 5 years ago when I was getting married, I found my dream wedding dress, but I could not find any bra to go with the strapless design. So, I tried everything, but didn't find anything that gave support, lifted and was invisible and that I could count on both when I held a speech and danced. I ended up as many people have tried before, duct tape! NOT RECOMMENDED! I suffered through the day barely making it and removing it was even worse and started off the wedding night badly. But hey, at least I looked good! (Still not recommended though). A bit later when I was invited to a party and wanted to wear an open back dress,I thought there have to be a better solution than duct tape, and then I set out to solve this problem. I cut out and experimented with different shapes and materials. I got friends, sisters, mother and mother in law to be my guinea pigs. To start with it was just a hobby, just to have for myself. But then more and more friends asked about it and more and more work I put in to it. 

Now almost 5 years later I am launching Brassybra. It is the world’s first breathing adhesive bra that stretches like your skin. It even sticks to the skin so that it’s possible to swim with it. It comes in the sizes A-DDDD and gives lift and support for all sizes. Being able to give you such an amazing bra, I have invested all my savings, even got support from Innovation Norway and Proneo to help me finding a factory we could work with during the product development. We ended up with a 97% cotton based material with elastane, which we named Second Skin Technology. The most important thing during this development was ensuring the quality and working conditions were excellent, so that you can be sure that you are getting a safe and guilt-free product. We are now shipping and ready to take over the world, so watch out we are coming to a store near you!

To see more of what Brassybra has to offer click on their official brand website here

*We here at Brassybra want to give back and each year we will choose a different charity foundation that are pro-women in one way or another. This is a difficult task because there are so many important charities, but after long consideration we landed on The Pink Ribbon Foundation. We are donating 1% of each Brassybra sold to them. Hopefully we can contribute to the cure of breast cancer. So help us help others! #againstcancer

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