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London Fashion Week is the week that pays respect to the art meets fashion in a tantalizing bundle of Fashion Shows, featured at some of the most stunning venues around London. Covent Garden's Freemasons' Hall was home to this year's Fashion Scout shows, a vast array of colour, beauty and sparkle seemed to dominate. Springtime seemed solidified within the exhibitions, a little token of spring in each of the dresses. The Freemasons' Building is a particularly stunning setting for the event. The architecture and atmosphere was electric and perfectly undertook the role of the Cathedral of Fashion.

Photo Courtesy: Modelboard Magazine
Mimi Tran

The show was breathtakingly beautiful. Each piece is delicately entwined floral with sequin, and bridal lace with style. Undoubtedly everyone was enthralled by the marvel designs that scream fashion, but make each piece effortlessly wearable. This was revised further, with a couple of edgy lacy designs, but each piece so heavily detailed, it truly deserves up close scrutiny to be able to see the full scope of its design. The beautiful sequins were soaked in bright colours, and there was a huge variation in design, strapless, long, flowy and lacy; it was limitless and pure gold. Mimi Tran, a gorgeous vision herself, with such an exquisite eye and such attention to detail. Mimi, originally from Vietnam, has now set up base in the USA, and the top ethos behind her designs are so heavily slanted towards female empowerment, which now, more than ever is so hugely important. Fashion can empower and each carefully crafted design carries some sassy female power.

The black dresses denoted such elegance that it wouldn't be too difficult to picture them gracing the red carpets at the biggest of social events. Mimi Tran's dresses have already been worn by the likes of Sofia Reyes, Kelsea Ballerini and Paige Hurd.
Photo courtesy: Mimi Tran 


There is nothing more dreamy than beautifully intricate wedding dresses, that ooze class and grace. The bridal selection was particularly popular among the viewers, and again no limits to the design, there was a befitting design for any woman of any size or shape, and pattern etched beautifully into each fabric used. The dress designs finely engrain regal chic with modern prestige and Mimi Tram captures it perfectly. The florals are a beautiful transition from winter to spring, but not so saturated in florals that it becomes overdone. If you want to feel like a princess, Mimi Tran is for you.

Their website is filled with elegant and divine styles, which I would gladly allow my closet to claim. Full of vibrancy, glam and pure class, Mimi Tran is undoubtedly only going to keep rising, and it is easy to see why. Their website Mimi Tran can be found here.

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