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Dragonfly Creatives is a family run online creative company specialising in Copywriting, Social Media Management & Brand Discovery Platform, with an emphasis on lifestyle, dedicated to advertising and ensuring the growth of its clients. We are a small team based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, with a passion for digital marketing and our friendly team are here to assist your business needs. We take each of our client's ideas and goals very seriously, and with a FREE downloadable marketing kit upon joining the Dragonfly Dream Team.

Our approach to business collaborations is simple. No job is too big or too small and we pride ourselves on completing any project with 100% client satisfaction. We make a comprehensive list of what our clients need, when they need them, discussing their desires and goals every step of the way, with fine attention to detail and a friendly one-to-one client relationship.Whether your needs are Copywriting [Blog Writing, Press Releases, Magazine Copy, Article & Journal Writing, Website Copy, Newsletters and Media Kit Creations], or Social Media Management [Growing Your Social Stats, Launching Campaigns, Beating The Algorhithm & Creating A Network], we are ready and waiting to help you take the next step.

Our innovative Digital Platform, houses numerous clients from a range of business sectors, creating brand awareness, networking within different niches and markets, whilst gaining industry insights with our monthly newsletters and annual networking dinners. We also offer a place to read about adventure and industry news on our Journal "The Apex", which focuses primarily on insights into business and any exciting adventures that our Dragonfly Team have been exploring on their work travels!

Copywriting is a majestic, mammoth mesh of innovative, pursuasive and communicative language, used in a multitude of innovative ways, to either engage, sell or show an audience something. We use  an innovative and in depth approach to work, with a strict method of research, planning, copywriting and proofreading; we aim to provide our clients with copy to suit their specific style, theme and business vision; making it effective for each brand. For companies looking for copy, please see how we have previously worked and what we can offer your brand.

We also focus heavily on:

  1. Writing sales copy for Websites and Marketing Materials 
  2. SEO Copywriting for brands and startups

Please contact us for more information on how we can help your brand with our Copywriting services.

The power of social media today can heavily impact any company's marketing strategy, but with a primary focus on strong, focused and engaging social content, you can open the doors to a much bigger audience. Our social media services are tailor-made to your specific desires. With the ever-changing algorhythms of social media, we can collate and analyse your company's recent insights, to help overcome the obstacles, creating a bespoke package to ensure your online engagement increases and your business grows. We maintain your brand's integrity, style and beliefs with every step of the way, ensuring every post and campaign is on target and perfect for you. The benefits and potential of social media are infinite. Let's help you begin.

With achievable goals, we ensure that your company matures and develops within its sector, with monthly meetings via email, phone or in person, to review your social insights and analyse any further development techniques if necessary. We thrive on seeing your brand thrive and it is our mission to make you grow, even if your online presence is brand new; we endeavour to provide only the best, creative and exciting strategies for you. It's time to discover.

Our six monthly advertising subscription service, allows any brand or company to advertise on our website, complete with a full descriptive page [no length restriction], photography and brand content, inclusive of video if necessary. In addition to advertising hosting, we offer FREE inclusive email advice relating to social content and strategy, monthly newsletters about our clients, with a chance to connect and network with other likeminded brands.

Many digital companies rely solely on their strong online presence. Some may not even use ecomerce, therefore our aim is to drive organic digital traffic through good SEO. Our platform attracts unique visitors worldwide, allowing strong possibilities of growth and exposure. We will gladly deliver news and statistics from your page with our monthly roundup.

So please feel free to contact us today to see how we can help your business. Let's create together.

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