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Take a peek at some of the places in the UK where are clients are based. From our friends in Scotland, to the far south of England, we love creating a positive, business focused network for the UK, to enrich the small [and larger] companies in trade right here in our own country. Jennifer has worked on numerous collaborations, just this year in February, she covered shows at London Fashion Week in collaboration with Victoria Leeds in an exciting advertising campaign for their #StyleSeeker app. We have also been on a little UK travel expedition, visiting and reviewing some incredible northern hotels that are making headlines! Who says the north can't be put on the map! The newly opened Grand Hotel York was visited, Yorkshire's first 5 star hotel, and the stunning new development at Rudding Park Hotel in Harrogate. We have a passion for travel and we want to share it with you! Each client may have different unique visions of creating a path of success; but the path of creativity and teamwork, will always lead to the same destination. Your brand has what it takes, so let's help you take another step forward.

*We also proudly support a number of charities and brand charities, which focus primarily on health and wellness. Please check back in with us when we launch our 'charity' page, which will enable you to get on board with some incredible activities and fundraisers for some of our most loved charities.

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